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Passenger Rules

​​​​The Following Rules Apply to the Passengers Using the Eastern Mediterranean University Public Transportation Services:​​

  1. For their safety, passengers should wait for the bus inside the bus stops and stay away from the street.
  2. Students waiting at the bus stops should only stand up when the buses reach the bus stop, signal the bus driver to stop and board the bus only when the bus comes to a complete stop.
  3. Students getting on the bus sh​ould first move towards the back side of the bus, and avoid blocking the driver's vision.
  4. No food or beverages can be consumed on the bus.
  5. According to law, drivers are allowed to pick up and drop off students only at designated bus stops.
  6. Passengers waiting or wishing to get off at other spots other than designated bus stops will not be allowed to board or leave the bus.
  7. Passengers wishing to leave the bus are required to press the stop button in the bus or inform the driver before the bus reaches the relevant bus stop.
  8. Only the students and staff of EMU are eligible to use EMU bus services.
  9. Passengers should pay extra attention to the route numbers available on the buses.
  10. It is forbidden to speak loudly or with a disturbing tone of voice on the bus as well as engaging in action disturbing other passengers and/or the bus driver.
  11. Passengers are responsible for their own safety on the bus and should either sit on the available seats or use the hand rails available on each bus.
  12. Talking to the bus driver while the bus is in motion is forbidden.
  13. Under no circumstances, the passengers are allowed to argue with the driver while the bus is in motion. Complaints regarding the bus service or the driver may be submitted to the Transportation Unit after getting off from the bus.
  14. Passengers are responsible for their own safety on the bus and should take extra care in complying with the rules and directives regarding the bus services.      ​ ​

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