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Tuesday, 23 January 2024

Holiday Period Famagusta and On-campus Ring Services
Wednesday, 17 January 2024

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As a campus- city university, Eastern Mediterranean University is fully dedicated to providing efficient and dynamic transportation services to its students 60% of whom reside in different parts of the city. The university transportation services, both on and off the campus, are offered free of charge for our students. Our developed and highly dynamic fleet provides transportation services to various city zones through 4 distinct routes. Students can also benefit from non-stop on-campus ring services scheduled in line with the class hours. The University also provides transportation services for academic or promotional events as well as trips taking place within the framework of the civic involvement projects. 

Service Routes

Route 1 Salamis Road(EMU - Sosyal Konutlar Road - Sakarya Roundabout - Famagusta Roundabout - Sakarya Roundabout - EMU)
Route 2 Maraş(EMU - Famagusta Courthouse Road - Maraş District - Larnaca Road - Famagusta Roundabout - Nicosia Road - EMU)
Route 3
EMU Beach Club (EMU - EMU Beach Club)
Route 4
Route 4  Forces House(EMU - Sosyal Konutlar Road - Sakarya Roundabout - Harbour Road - Forces House - Famagusta Roundabout - Sakarya Roundabout - EMU)
Route 5
Nicosia Road (EMU - Nicosia Road - Famagusta Roundabout - Nicosia Road - EMU)          

Ring Services : EMU has a campus ring service operating on hourly basis. During rush hours, multiple ring services operate. 
(Marmara Dormitory and Dormitories Area- Faculty of Tourism-Jimmis-Sabancı Dormitory. South Campus: Dormitories Area - English Preparatory School, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Medicine.)

Please check Announcements for changes and notifications.
Service Hours and Routes valid as of February 15, 2024 are as follows :

City Service Routes

City Service Schedule

Ring Service

 Bus Services (PDF)

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